Acne treatment using light therapy


What Do You Know About Acne?

Acne – a skin problem that can make you feel irritated as well as embarrassed in front of people. It peeps out of your face every time you plan to go out for a date/ get together/ picnic/ meeting/ presentation etc. The occurrence at wrong moment of time makes it more irritating, isn’t it? Although, acne is more prevalent in teenagers, it can affect you at any stage of age whether you are a teenager or an adult. Dust, pollution, harmful rays of the sun, humidity etc. are some of the major external factors leading to acne. Hormonal imbalance, stress & hygiene are some of the internal causes of acne.

acneOnce you got those pops coming out on your face, you rush to find the acne treatment that can eradicate acne quickly. You see so many quick acne treatment options flying on the internet and also offline. They look pretty cool from outside and you are desperate to give them a try. But after some time you realize the cold hard fact – all of it was worthless.

Most of the TV advertisements offer creams, ointments, pills etc. claiming to deal with your acne are doing nothing but making a fool of you. You have options like antivirals and ointments that can never assure you that they’ll help you get rid of the trouble; instead, they help you to get more problems from the side effects of using them. In straight words, they are a crap. Some of them might show some impact, but they just cover or you can say hide the pimple peeping out on your face and whenever you stop taking the dosage, it’ll again appear and you will feel you are back to square one.

We don’t entirely blame you for falling into the trap of these crappy products and solutions for acne.  Anybody would react the same way, after seeing that ugly stuff on their skin. Visual reactions of peers and people you interact with make you more desperate to get rid of them within hours or even minutes if you could. But, this is the point where you got to tell yourself, calm down buddy, we got a problem and let us look for the right and effective solution and not jump from the bridge to bridge.

Acne Treatment Using Light Therapy

blue-light-therapy-acneAlright, now focusing on the main subject – how to treat acne effectively?  Well, there are a few selected options that are good for treating acne and not allowing it to come back. Some of these factors work externally while some work internally by working in the body system and removing the reasons for persistent acne appearances. Today, we are going to talk about one such great option for treatment of acne – light therapy for acne treatment?

Researchers have finally given us a solution that will not only treat your acne but treat it effectively and not cause any side effects. You must be wondering –  light for acne treatment, what is that? Well, chances are high that you have not heard that much about it before and so comes the surprise when you read light therapy for acne treatment. But, it’s indeed a great treatment for acne.

Well, we understand that digesting the fact is quite impossible for many of you guys, but, this is true and you’ll yourself realize it after reading this article full of plenty of information. As we are talking about acne treatment with light therapy, let’s first gather some details regarding light therapy.

redlightLight therapy mainly involves red/blue light. It is a complete pain-free process that helps a sufferer get rid of the present acne problem and even prevents further occurrences.  When light is shown to the skin, it penetrates through many layers hence helping to kill some bacteria or to reduce some of the inflammation or excess sebum (skin oil) production. The dermatologists suggest this type of treatment because it is having low side-effects, accessibility and affordability.

The red light is known to reach deeper into the skin and activate the hemoglobin. It cuts off the blood supply of oil producing sebaceous glands enough not to get as oily as earlier. The blue light used in therapy is known to kill the acne causing bacteria named, Propionibacterium acnes or P acnes. Hence, using the blue light the bacteria found in the oil glands of the skin are eliminated. Moreover, the added infrared light found in home devices causes the oil glands to shrink. This results in the less sebum production leading to the solution of the buzzword.

There are two types of light therapies:

In-office More intense light is used in a doctor’s clinic. Physicians normally use light devices that can more effectively shine a light on larger areas of the skin. This may be required to be performed for one-to-two time a week for next three-to-four weeks. The physicians may also perform a procedure called photodynamic therapy which is involved with topically applying a photosensitizer to the skin and incubating the skin before the light therapy is performed. This procedure is known to produce better results, but, the drawback is the number of side-effects gifted by home

At-home The table top light therapy used at homes harness the lesser amount of light than used by the physicians.  They are required to be performed with for 15-20 minutes treatment every day. There is one more kind of instrument used for at home treatment and that is handheld devices. They are required to be kept in exact above the particular skin or person and it is required to perform 30 minutes to 1-hour treatment with it per day.

Using In office and subsequent at home light therapies to complement each other can be a great way to not only remove acne but also prevent it from coming again.

Moreover, you may require wearing goggles as the use of red light harms the retina hence causing visual problems. So, it is recommended to go through the manufacturers’ instructions thoroughly. You also require keeping the face clean in between the duration of the treatments.

This type of acne treatment method is more frequent nowadays than the other ways to get your acne treated. The reasons are clear, i.e. long term results, low cost, low side-effects and ease of accessibility. All the mentioned factors make it a popular remedy to treat acne. You just require taking care of some facts, i.e. you can say precautions:

  • Don’t let your skin go too closer to light that it damages you.
  • Don’t perform the therapy without knowing about it.
  • Don’t start the process without wearing goggles or any such prevention, as the red light harnessed in the therapy can damage your eye’s retina.

healthyskinThis acne treatment method can surely give you the best possible results and for more duration as compared to the other methods like antiviral. Also, the device is easily available in the nearby medical stores, but, I’ll suggest you go the treatment only after consulting your doctor otherwise, you may harm yourself.

Also, we would like to put emphasis on the fact that light therapy is not going to be enough if you want to stay away from acne issues. Especially if the reason for acne is more internal than external. In that case, you need to figure out the imbalance inside your body and improve your eating and sleeping habits in order to get the balance right inside your body. Also having good cleaning habits are a good precaution for many ailments, acne being one of them. The old peeps say – Prevention is better than cure. And they are right about it, especially if it’s about acne. So try to prevent acne by eating right and taking care of yourself. Once you have treated yourself with light therapy and said goodbye to acne, make sure to incorporate these changes so live healthy and acne free life.

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