Baby Acne


Do You Know Acne Can Also Emerge On baby?

Do you know that the condition of acne can also emerge on baby or infant face? If you don’t know then the answer is yes. Yeah, you heard it right. It is most common notion in our society that acne can only be evolved by the adolescences but they don’t know that even infant can also develop acne. There is no specific reason have identified by the experts and it is still in the deep dark. Though, baby acne could be the result of over sensitive sebaceous glands of the infant. It is seen by the physicians that acne baby acne lasts for two months and generally, no treatment is needed because baby acne us typically harmless. However, in few cases you need a mild treatment for the curing the baby acne.

Signs and Symptoms of Baby Acne

Baby acne looks very similar to acne developed by adolescence and adult. baby acneThe signs and symptoms of baby acne generally occur around the forehead and cheek. If you see red or white bumps around your baby’s face then you can treat it as acne. Some baby can also develop acne on their back and chest. Baby acne may be present during the time of birth. As, I have already told you that the exact causes of the development of acne are unknown but researchers believe that hormonal issue could be the major reason that can lead to the development of acne. There is another reason and that is at the time of babies birth the skin of baby is not yet developed adequately which makes them very prone to dirt or bacterial infection.

As far as the question of the treatment of baby acne is concerned, most often you don’t have to go for any kinds of treatment. Scientists believe that baby acne most often remains benign which means this doesn’t lead to any kinds of health complication. acne baby1However, this doesn’t mean that every time you don‘t have to go for any kinds of treatment. In very few cases you must have to go for some kinds of treatment to better deal with the condition of acne. I am going to give you some tips that can help you better manage the condition of baby acne.

Tips To Manage Acne

1. Don’t rub your baby’s face in any manner because doing this will worsen the condition
2. Gently cleanse the area where acne have present for two to three times a day
3. Don’t use any kinds of baby care products
4. The most important thing, try to use home remedies or natural remedies to treat the condition of acne for getting g the better result.


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